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Your Experience

At 963, dining is elevated to an art form, a passion that drives us to curate an exquisite exploration. Each meticulously crafted bite sparks joy, evokes curiosity, and deepens your connection to the vibrant tapestry of Levantine culture. Your encounter with us will be nothing short of extraordinary, leaving you with cherished memories and an insatiable desire to return.

Our meticulously curated atmosphere exudes elegance, transporting you to the heart of the Levant. The harmonious blend of contemporary allure and traditional Arabic instruments sets the stage for an unparalleled sensory experience, connecting you to the captivating Levantine culture.

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Our Food

At 963, we artfully blend traditional dishes with global influences, infusing them with a captivating fusion of flavors. Our commitment to authenticity means that the spices and core ingredients in our cuisine are sourced directly from the Levant, bringing you an unparalleled taste of the region. With each bite, we aim to transport you back to the Levant while simultaneously taking you on a thrilling culinary journey beyond its borders.

When you dine with us, our heartfelt goal is for you to leave 963 with the profound impression of having embarked on a remarkable voyage to a new world, experiencing flavors and sensations unlike any you have encountered before

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Who We Are

Immersed in the belief that food possesses an irresistible power to unite, our aim goes beyond ensuring you simply have a wonderful time. We want your thoughts to echo: "This was exhilarating. This was sensual. This was enlightening. Mind-expanding."


963, our globally resonant name, conceals a profound connection to our Syrian roots. As a multicultural family, we have been fortunate to embrace diverse customs and heritages throughout our lives. 963 reflects the transformative journey we have embarked upon, as we remain grounded in our origins. It is the area code we dialed to bridge the distance and rekindle our bond with our Syrian kin. Rooted in love, inclusivity, and family, our name gently beckons individuals of all origins to find solace and belonging within 963's embrace.

Throughout your voyage with us, we will engage in lively conversation, indulge in laughter, and embark on a tantalizing exploration of Levantine cuisine. This experience not only connects you with the vibrant souls around your table and the very essence of our restaurant, but also encompasses the inspiring heritage of our founders, which continues to ignite our menu with fervor.


What Our Diners Say About Us

Superlative service and food. From front of house to kitchen, the aura an friendliness of this place greets you from your first step. An amazing array of flavours, smells and tastes throughout. If your pallet is in search of new discoveries, allow yourself to be bombarded with the familiar and unfamiliar 963 which has fusions together to create something my partner and I were yet to discover until visiting!
Amazingly delicious food! All the dishes have an exotic twist to them! I recommend the eggplant for appetizers and the Maria Maria as the meat melts in your mouth! The freaky deeky and peakaboo aubergines are spiced to perfection and absolutely mouth watering! Would definitely recommend and I will be coming back again!
You have to visit!! It’s an amazing restaurant with incredible food, service and atmosphere. Extraordinary Levantine dishes you have to experience yourself! We tried many different dishes from the menu and all are very creative and simply amazing. Nice seating with Arabic/modern acoustic music.
A must do when you’re in Berlin!
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