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At 963, we are dedicated to curating an extraordinary dining experience that will leave a lasting impression on you. From the moment you step through our doors, every detail has been carefully crafted to immerse you in a worldly and contemporary environment, ensuring that your time with us is truly unforgettable.

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We believe that food has the power to transcend borders, bring people together, and foster cultural exchange. With warmth and hospitality, we invite everyone to join us on a journey through the Levant, where each bite represents the passion, resilience, and unity of its people. Together, let us celebrate and uplift the extraordinary cuisine of the Levant, one plate at a time.


Through our commitment to continuous innovation, constant refinement, and a tireless pursuit of excellence, we will establish ourselves as the go-to destination for those seeking an authentic and transformative Levantine dining experience. Our brand will become synonymous with the highest standards of quality, innovation, and cultural appreciation, leaving an indelible mark on the global culinary landscape.

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